Pastiche Communications grew out of a love for words and writing; an appreciation of imagination, variation and creativity; and small leap of faith. 
Pastiche Communications offers clients a wide range of freelance writing and communications consulting services, specializing in non-profit and corporate communications. ​Big or small, Pastiche Communications can help you define your communications strategy and find the words to create the right message for the audience--whether across the room or across the globe.

Let Pastiche Communications be your communications business solution.

About Pastiche

Why Pastiche?

Look up "pastiche" in a dictionary and you'll find varied definitions, most pertaining to artistic expression whereby various elements are brought together to create something new; a mélange. So, too, is the approach from Pastiche Communications. 
Pastiche resists overly defining its service boundaries or limiting the scope of projects. Rather, founder Carol Weinrich Helsel creatively applies her talents and skills to a varied range of communication challenges. In short, "a little bit of everything."

Pastiche Communications